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Greetings fellow mortals, I bid you welcome to my humble website! Feel free to browse around and look at my drawings and projects. Here's what a fellow artist and good friend wrote about my practice:

Erling Knudsen is a Norwegian born and Oslo based visual artist, illustrator and designer specialised in independent publishing, poster-making and analogue screen printing. He is the co-founder of several collective projects both in Norway and abroad, such as the independent publishing house Ediciones Armadillo, the professional skateboard art-team Contemporary Cruise Crew, the Oslo lumber sawmill Oslo Bruk, as well as the open-access screen printing studio Automaton, and in continuation, the artist-initiated platform for creative production Fellesverkstedet.

In his commercial approach to the creative fields, Knudsen has conducted print workshops for institutions such as Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art, and Print Workers Barcelona. Besides his own exploratory drawing and printmaking practice, Knudsen also focuses on helping others in their art-making, by being the designated printer for a wide selection of Norway-based visual artists.

Mondays through wednesdays you can find me helping artists and designers print their work at Fellesverkstedet.

You can buy my prints and publications online at Print Workers, Fatbottom and La Central

Or find me at a fair peddling my stuff together with a bunch of talented artists.


For professional inquiries and other requests, get in touch:

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